Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Microsoft SharedView

Who needs GoToMeeting?


Microsoft SharedView lets you get together with up to 15 people and share the desktop of the meeting host simultaneously, just as if you were looking at the same desktop. Your first thought may be that if 15 people had simultaneous control over the same desktop, absolutely nothing but chaos would ensue, but what really happens is that control of the desktop can be passed from one member to another.

While you're the one who's in control, you can see your collaborators' mouse movements (everyone gets a personalized pointer), so they can point out items on a document or application. Unfortunately, SharedView doesn't have integrated audio capabilities, but you can use Windows Live™ Messenger's audio client or your favorite Voice over IP (VoIP) client to conference while you share the desktop.


It is very simple to use as well.  You can send an invite via email.  With that link the user can click on a link to download and join the session.


Definitely worth trying!






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