Thursday, April 23, 2009

LogMeIn Extra Security

Get email notifications of failed logon attempts.

Go to Account then Extra Security.  Select Email notification.  Put in as many email addresses as you wish then check whichever notification you prefer.  I chose both so I am notified when successful and failed logon attempts into my account occur.


I tested it by logging in with a bad password and immediately received an email including the IP address of the PC that attempted to log in (I put “X”’s in place of the email and IP):

There was an unsuccessful login attempt to your LogMeIn account.

From IP address:  XX.XX.XX.XX

Time:             04/23/2009 11:21:19

Account email:

Attempt number:   1

Source:           Website

You chose to receive these alert emails on your Account / Extra Security page. Uncheck the relevant box to stop receiving such emails.

I would suggest anybody with a LogMeIn account should at least set up email notification as well.

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